Robot Building (dictation from Oliver Atchity)


get electric motor
connect to black and red and white wire
connect wires to circuit board
Put a buzzer on the circuit board
Put a black wire on it

start building
Get two motors
Put another black wire on the circuit board
Connect the black wires to the two motors, one to each motor
Put two wheels on the motors

Put the motor in the curved Lego pieces, cOnnect to circuit board

Get two black pole pieces and two red grabbers and two blue circle pieces and a long gray rectangle piece then get a block with a hole in the side

Get two smooth curved pieces then drill a hole all the way down to the rectangle piece then get a black piece and put that on top and connect a sprayer piece to the black piece.

Then make another one of those.

Get tube pieces and gray circle pieces. Connect the gray circle pieces to the tube pieces.

Get a screen. Get a red and white wire. Connect the red and white wire to the circuit board and then to the screen. Make sure the red side is facing one way and the white side is facing the other way.

Add two gray arms on the robot.

Get white curved pieces and put the circuit board with all the wires on them. Get two long white pieces, and put big long red pieces on top of the white pieces.

Get a big long white piece, then make the jet engines. Get a medium long piece, get two square pieces, put them side by side under the long piece. Put two circular pieces under the two grabber pieces. Glue the two grabber pieces to the big long piece with the square pieces on it.

Get tube pieces, then get big red circle pieces (if you don't have big red circle pieces, paint white circle pieces red).

Get two curved pieces, drill two holes in them all the way down to the big flat piece. Then get two blocks, make sure there are holes on each side of them, then connect them, one on the bottom and one on the top.

Get circular black piece, put sprayer piece on top. Put a red sprayer piece.

Make another one of those jet engines.