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SUCCESS STORY: Nishtha, West Bengal, India
Thanks to your support, YGB's direct funding project "Sister Aid" is providing funds for 56 impoverished mothers, children and orphans, supporting their education and economic independence.
alternate textYGB's new PR card selected a photo of women in Tripuranagar Village, our direct fund recipients
YGB's direct funding program "Sister Aid" continues to sponsor 22 mothers in Tripuranagar, West Bengal, through their micro credit programs. YGB also funds their 22 daughters so they can receive a full education and private tutoring for the whole year.
Here is the update report from NISHTHA's director Mina Das:
  • Out of 22 women supported, all are continuing their livelihood initiatives and 17 women have started earning profits.
  • All women except one have been able to not only earn a living, but have also begun to pay back their loan.
  • All 22 supported daughters of this women's group are continuing their education in formal school education. Personal tutoring is also offered to everyone.
Story of Anjali Naskar
Anjali Naskar lives in Tripuranagar village of Shikharbali - I GP. She lives with her husband and two daughters. Her husband works in a fishery but the work is only available during the rainy season and the rest of the time he farms a small piece of land they have, but the income was not enough to ensure proper education of the daughters. Being illiterate, Anjali and her husband were unable to school them at home.
When we initially shared with Anjali the idea of the women's micro credit collaboration group, she was hesitant. After we briefed her about the benefits of being a part of group, she agreed and now is a Treasurer!

Anjali had experience with the envelope-making business but didn't have enough money to continue. After receiving a loan, and with the support of the group, Anjali grew confident. She is steadily growing her business and her daughters are now going to school regularly, as well as receiving much needed personal tutoring to help with their studies.

YGB is also supporting NISHTHA artisan group's handmade crafts sales at our events, raising over $1500 so far!!

Watch the YGB video series, "Sister Aid " to meet our fund recipients on YGB’s YouTube Channel!!!

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