Jock's Bone Fish!

Fly fishing at the Ocean Reef Club in Kay Largo Florida, I landed this beautiful Bone Fish in a fly rod. Love that sport! 

Alex Accolades

Preparing Students for Leadership and Service

Recognized internationally, the Pryor Leadership Studies Program is anacademic program that is experience-based. It is one of the distinctive programs of William Jewell College and is housed in the Fred & Shirley Pryor Center for Leadership Development. The Pryor Leadership Studies Program is internationally-recognized and one of the top leadership programs in the nation. This 3-year program will complement any major or degree program and prepare you to be a leader in your company/organization and community.

During the first semester, you complete a Cornerstone Course that teaches leadership theory and helps you learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your own leadership style. You also write a Growth Plan to guide personal leadership development.

As a Pryor Fellow, you engage in several significant learning experiences. An Outward Bound trip allows you to: practice leadership and team building in the Florida Everglades. A Vocational Internship helps you explore your career interests and a Volunteer internship allows you to practice servant leadership. You have interaction with professional and community leaders.

In the last semester, you participate in a comprehensive Capstone Course that asks you to complete a group Leadership Legacy project and assists you in making the transition into the world of work.
"Part of the Outward Bound trip is to spend two days alone on a beach in the Everglades. It’s a time for reflecting, learning, meditating. I grew so much spiritually and emotionally, realizing for the first time that changing and adapting goals is a part of life, that you need to be open because sometimes life doesn’t always take us where we expect to go."

--Pryor Leadership Studies Program student