Toyoko - July, 2015

Mucago okra a la Izumi Mitsumatsu-hiroe

With Castaic obsessed Takeshina soba chef

Beef Carpaccio at the port

Georgetown University 50th Reuniion

With Special Collections Librarian John Buchtel looking at Atchity Aguillard Collection. — with John R. Buchtel at Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
With Bob Shrum after breakfast. — with Robert Shrum at Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
With Class honcho George Thibault — at Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
Opening cocktail party, Bulldog Tavern — with Robert Shrum and Susan Hamilton at Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Game Day! Two of my favorites- my nephew and Sporting KC — with Kevin Calhoun at Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City. [via Laurie Atchity Dressman]

Kayoko's Fascinating Ebola Project for NHK!

Finally we finished filming in London yesterday!!!

This is the British volunteer nurse who contracted with Ebola and recovered…he talked very honestly how he got saved with the first class treatment where thousands of Africans just die because of the lack of such support and medical system,,,fascinating person, who returned to Sierra Leone as soon as he recovered from Ebola as he knew he had gained some immunity from his contraction to Ebola and recovery! Unknown heroes are everywhere in this story, especially in West Africa where so many medical staff died by caring patients. Protagonist of this documentary is Dr Khan who died of Ebola in Sierra Leone last year.

We were lucky to visit him in Suffolk, 2.5 hours out of London, really beautiful British country side, peaceful and people are so nice!!

Salio nuestra pizzeria en la tele! [via Ivonne!!!]

CTV Victoria news interviewed Ivonne's  nephew Adrian about his authentic pizzeria "900 Degree Pizza!"

Check out the video here: