By Meggie McKenna

“Louder! Slower! More energy!” repeated Mr. Gamba. What is it going to take for you guys to say it right?”

“Sorry, Mr. G!” echoed the actors.

“Let’s start it from the top!”

Scene, after scene, after scene. Each scene repeated when necessary, necessary being usually. Usually because the scenes were not coming together to smoothly. Sittting in the theatre’s red comfortable theatre chair, doing homework, waiting for scene 11 to make its rounds. Finally the clock hits 5:57 and Mr. Gamba asks scene 11 to wait on deck. I get out of my chair, grab my baby, and hide behind the curtain. Waiting for my cue.

“You’re trying hard not to show it baby…” singd The Righteous Brothers.

I walk out eyes darted straight to the EXIT sign across the theater. Swaying the baby back and forth, to the music. Making the gestures and movements that I make every single rehearsal. Then the last couple words fade into the distance as The Baby Rockers…throw their babies? OOOPSS!!!

Even though we are down to the second to last week before the play, we still seem to need work. We just aren’t doing our absolute best. If we are gonna be good for the play we might need a miracle to pull us through.

Rehearsals go by, nothing improves. We were down to our last practice before the Thursday matinee. We still had not improved one bit. We were going to get “booed” off the stage, to god knows where. Working through all 12 scenes, nothing got better. Getting used to the “Louder! Slower! More energy,” inputs from Mr. Gamba. Though no one made an effort to input the inputs. The last play practice came to an end. Yet we still stunk from a mile away.

The curtains were drawn, the lights flickering for the audience to take a seat. We all quietly waited for the show to begin. The curtains opened and on went the leads. The next scenes came like a new beginning to the end of our end. The actors shined like stars from a major Hollywood hit movie. By the end of the night our Save Dramatic Arts Fundraiser saved dramatic arts. People came to see the Friday and Saturday night performances from different counties. The play broadcasted out to the world. Albany’s worries to save Mr. Gamba’s drama were over with. What a waste it would have been if they got rid of drama. After all, Mr. G is the best drama teacher ever!